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Bad Ass Women’s Hour (interview)


Jo Good (interview)

Poems in the Waiting Room (New Zealand)

What’s the Point of Eyebrows? (poem)

WJR Radio (US)

The Warren Pierce Show (interview)

WGCH Radio (US)

The Way Home (interview)

KPNW Radio (US)

Wake Up Call (interview)

KTRS Radio (US)

Art & Jennifer (interview)

WGSO Radio (US)

Ringside Politics (interview)

WHBU Radio (US)

Mitch in the Morning (interview)

Business Talk Radio (US)

The Lifestyle Show (interview)

BBC Radio Ulster

The Lynette Fay Show (interview)

WRHI Radio (US)

Mornings (interview)

KLPW All Talk (US)

Morning Show (interview)


Breakfast Show (interview)

CHANNEL 10 (Australia)

Studio 10 (interview)

The Caterpillar

Spider (poem)

Poems in the Waiting Room (New Zealand)

Travel By Book (poem)

BBC Manchester

Breakfast Show (interview)

Sunday Post

After love literally helped mend my broken heart, I had to discover how it worked

The Daily Express

I can tell you the truth about love: LAURA MUCHA spent a decade talking to people all over the world about the key to a successful relationship. What she discovered might just surprise you.

Countdown, The School Magazine

What’s the Point of Eyebrows? (poem)

Touchdown, The School Magazine

Just One (poem)

Countdown, The School Magazine

Dear Ugly Stepsisters (poem)

Touchdown, The School Magazine

How Many Friends Can You Have?

Blast Off, The School Magazine

Travel by Book (poem)

Writers' Forum

Competitive Edge: Helen talks to prize-winning children’s poet Laura Mucha about her success

The Caterpillar

How Long? (poem)

Book Week, Children’s Book Council of Australia NSW Branch

Travel By Book (poem)

The Caterpillar

Winner of the Caterpillar Poetry Prize: Dear Ugly Sisters by Laura Mucha

Stew Magazine

Knives are Sharp (poem)

The Caterpillar

The Sweetest Thing (poem)

Stew Magazine

Topple (poem)

The Caterpillar

What’s the Point of Eyebrows? (poem)

Stew Magazine

Lunch (poem)

Stew Magazine

Cake (poem)

The Caterpillar

Trombone (poem)

The Caterpillar

Willie the Woolly Hat Muncher (poem)