Travel by Book

I’ve travelled the world in a boat on the sea,
accompanied pirates and lived fancy free,
I’ve seen all the things I have wanted to see –
	I did it by reading a book.

I’ve won many battles, I’ve swum with the sharks,
I’ve found buried treasure alone in the dark,
I’ve lived in the elm trees of national parks –
	I did it by reading a book.

I’ve worn my pyjamas whilst flying with birds,
I’ve travelled alone and I’ve followed the herd,
I’ve relished, devoured and revelled in words, 
	I did it by reading a book.

I’ve met many people, I’ve made many friends,
and though I felt sad when I came to the end
of the journey I’d made – I can make it again
	with the words of a well-written book. 

Published by Springboard Stories and 
The School Magazine.