Love (Of The Sort That I’m After)

Love (of the sort that I’m after) is earned
  not with vacuous gestures, extravagant gifts, 
  or easy, last-minute, perfunctory glitz.
Instead it takes patience, attention and thought,
  requires humility, tolerance, care. 
  Ignore at your peril, neglect if you dare.

Love (of the sort that I’m after) is safe.
  It bundles you up in its velvety arms
  and shields you from life’s inescapable harms,
including the harm you inflict on yourself 
  the troublesome thinking, the tireless drive. 
  Love helps compassion and kindness survive.
Love (of the sort that I’m after) is worth
  all the work it requires, the time and the toil.
  If you cultivate love as you cultivate soil,
    	you will reap the rewards.   
And so I commit to you,
                      Love. I am yours.

Written for Bath Music Festival, set to music by 
Cheryl Frances-Hoad, performed by 
Andy Staples (tenor) and Alisdair Hogarth (piano). 
Score by Cheryl Frances-Hoad
All content © Laura Mucha