I’m an Orchestra

I love to be the double bass
solid, sonorous, strong.
I’m going somewhere, things to do,
always driving on.

But sometimes I‘m the cor anglais,
solitary, subdued.
If my tone is soft and sumptuous,
it’s my melancholy mood.

Sometimes I’m the piccolo,
a spicy, strident sound,
and others the euphonium,
velvety and round.

I’m the triangle, worth the wait,
I’m the harp, I radiate,
I’m the cymbals, clang and crash,
I’m a bass drum, meet your match,
I’m crotales, decisive, sure,
I’m the tam-tam.
Hear.         My.         Roar.

I’m an orchestra.


Composition by Blake Reginald Bennett for Felt Music.

Illustration by Victoria Jane Wheeler