Fool’s Love

 The love of a fool 
          is a fool of a love.
I’m as full as a sieve 
          or an unwanted glove –
a slave to my will, 
          which is all well and good,
but my will is a well 
          which is misunderstood.
I ask, what is love? 
          Well, I thought we’d make do,
but for some, love means war, 
          and by some, I mean you.
I ask, what is love? 
          And I answer ­– not this.
I open my eyes 
          and I face the abyss:
what a fool I have been, 
          living under your rule…
So I’ll fall out of love, 
          as I’m nobody’s fool.

Performed on BBC Radio 3's In Tune, May 2017.