Down Vith Children!

by Roald Dahl (an excerpt)

Down vith children! Do them in!
Boil their bones and fry their skin!
Bish them, sqvish them, bash them, mash them!
Brrreak them, shake them, slash them, smash them!
Offer chocs vith magic powder!
Say “Eat up!” then say it louder.
Crrram them full of sticky eats,
Send them home still guzzling sveets.
And in the morning little fools
Go marching off to separate schools.
A girl feels sick and goes all pale.
She yells, “Hey look! I’ve grrrown a tail!”
A boy who’s standing next to her
Screams, “Help! I think I’m grrrowing fur!”
Another shouts, “Vee look like frrreaks!
There’s viskers growing on our cheeks!”
A boy who vos extremely tall
Cries out, “Vot’s wrong? I’m grrrowing small!”
Four tiny legs begin to sprrrout
From everybody rrround about.
And all at vunce, all in a trrrice,
There are no children! Only MICE!

Mouse tail