• Nosy Crow
  • 15.06.2023

Welcome to Our Table

A Celebration of What Children Eat Everywhere

Find out what children eat all around the world in this beautifully illustrated book, written by bestselling poet and author Laura Mucha, alongside award-winning food writer Ed Smith.

From pasta to passionfruit, baguettes to biryani, ramen to rambutan, there are so many different dishes and delicacies all around the world. In this fascinating book, young children can learn all about what people in other countries eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as where our food comes from, and the stories, cultures and traditions behind what we eat.

A unique, warm-hearted book that will teach children understanding, empathy and respect, and inspire a love of food and flavour.

With engaging, colourful artwork on every page by award-winning illustrator Harriet Lynas.

Currently shortlisted for Best Information Book (School Library Association Awards 2024) and Best Non-Fiction Book (The Week Junior). Also shortlisted for a Junior Design Award 2023, and Best Food Book (Fortnum and Mason Awards 2024).  A US Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection book; “Brilliant” Telegraph; Best Children’s Cookbook, GQ Magazine

“Every school should have a copy of Welcome to our Table. We would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, of all ages.” Reading Zone, 5 stars

“Another way we are all linked by our differences; rewarding reading for everyone who eats.” Kirkus (US)

“If you thought you knew a lot about food, think again! Welcome to Our Table is packed with facts and fancies about humans and food. This engaging, informative book will be loved by early readers.” Booklist (American Library Association)

“Find out what children eat all over the world with this beautifully illustrated book… Kids will love the section on edible insects!” BBC Good Food Magazine

“The mission: to inspire children to be inquisitive about culinary experiences and cultures beyond their own… The colourful illustrations by Harriet Lynas magnify and enhance the message of this unique celebration of the way we eat.” Delicious Magazine

“I’ve fallen in love with a new book about food, and I wish I’d had it 20 years ago… Without being too worthy the book looks at how much work goes into producing a single grain of rice, the impact of particular foods on the planet, and on us, and what food might be like in the future… When my two were little, this would have been a favourite book, something that showed them the world, introduced different foods and cultures, had some amazing facts and that I – rather selfishly – would have enjoyed and learnt from too.” Diana Henry, Waitrose Weekend Magazine