• Otter-Barry Books
  • 20.08.2020
Listen to a sample of poems from the book

Dear Ugly Sisters

And Other Poems

Featured as one of The Independent’s top ten poetry books: “Laura Mucha’s debut poetry collection is a delight – lively, original and covering an eclectic range of subjects.”

Dear Ugly Sisters is the result of eight years of work, so I’m very excited to finally see it in print. It also comes with a free audiobook, which I hope you will love as much as I do. Here’s the blurb from the back of the book.

Tonight I fancy a flight,
so I shuffle my short feathers
and jump.

Original, dazzling and unconventional, this brilliant first solo collection has a surprise on every page.

Go on a night flight, have a monster’s lunch, immerse yourself in birdsong. Shout out an Apatosaurus rap before checking out Alexander Fleming’s petri dish. Find fairy tales with a twist, poems to make you laugh – and reflective poems to think about.

Full of variety, wit and warmth, this is a spectacular debut from a poet to watch!