My Talented Talking Toe

It doesn’t matter where I go,
or how I travel – fast or slow.
Though neither of my parents know –
      I have a talented talking toe.

He chitter chatters day and night,
he sometimes tries to pick a fight
with other toes, or cause a fright.
He really could be more polite,
     my teeny tempestuous toe.

He’s grumpy when I put on shoes
cause then he cannot share his news
or tell me of his tawdry views –
I’d walk barefoot if toe could choose.
I sometimes wish he’d take a snooze,
      my tiresome tenacious toe.

Although my toe is often boring,
Toe is really reassuring,
Toe gives me a steady mooring,
so in fact, I’m quite adoring
of my brave and bold, exploring,
talking, singing and guffawing
      toe-tally tip top toe.
My Talented Talking Toe