Ash’s birchday

Ash was pining for a birchday boogie,
so he spruced up and met tree friends of his.

But when he got there,
he was greeted by FIR-TY TREE friends,
who had thrown him a surprise party.

“Wawona!” Said Ash, “Coolabah!
I did knot realise I was so poplar!”

Everyone had such a larch. Beech made 
acorn-y speech before Ash said a few words.

“I wood just like to say thank yew!…
I can’t beleaf yew threw me a surprise party! 
I really hadn’t twigged!” he said. 
“I walnut say anymore… Except… let’s dance!”
Fig put some music on and everybodhi 
had a bogey. It was tree-mendous.

Finally, everybodhi sang, 
“Happy Birchday to Yew!” (very badly). 

“It’s time for me to gingko,” said Linden.

“No! Wye?” said Ash.

“I need to lime down,” said Linden, 
“Can you karri me holm?”

“I have to bough out before I go kapok!”
said Elm. 

Ash was berry, berry sad that his friends
were leaf-ing.

“Did you have fun, you old chestnut?”
asked Olive.

“Yes,” smiled Ash, “It was wonder boom!"

If you want to hear more about the 
writing process behind Ash's Birchday, 
please have a listen.
Ash's Birchday