Lesson 3

Have a read and a listen of this poem by Laura Mucha. Notice the way she uses grammar and punctuation – and compare it to the last poem by E.E. Cummings. How does it affect the way you would perform the poem?


To start I’ll have a tart please,
a tart of toes and teeth,
a splash of eyelash, dash of mash,
with ankles underneath.

I’ll have a plate of knees please,
a sprinkling of toes,
toenails for some extra crunch –
now, will that be enough for lunch?

I’m going to give myself a treat –
I love to end with something sweet.
Slow cooked crispy elbow please
with roasted hairy feet.

You’re out of feet? I’m not surprised.
I’ll have some tasty eyeball pie
with belly button (fluff and all)
and maple syrup thigh.