Children's Poetry

I find metre, rhythm and rhyme irresistible, like ice cream on a summer’s day. So I‘m always looking for new words, and new ways to make words work together to create interesting sounds.

Some of my poems are funny (or at least I hope they are…). But some are serious and address important things that aren’t always talked about, like sadness, fear or kindness. I often think about how we live and what we can do to make our lives, and the lives of others, a little bit better.

My illustration and poetry have been published by Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Wayland, The Irish Times, The CaterpillarSpringboard Stories, Stew, Teach Primary, The Poetry SchoolThe Pool, Countdown and Touchdown – and I won the Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2016.

This page features a selection of my poems and illustrations, together with audio recordings – so please have a listen.