I’m currently working on a non-fiction book for adults, Love Factually (which will be published by Bloomsbury in the UK, US and Australia for Valentine’s Day 2019). The book explores love by combining academic research with interviews I’ve conducted with hundreds of strangers across 40 countries on every continent.

I also write for children, usually in the form of poems, picture books, fiction and non-fiction. In 2016, I won the Caterpillar Poetry Prize, and my non-fiction and poetry has been widely published around the world. My poems been illustrated by Chris Riddell, set to music by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, and performed by Helena Bonham Carter. I’ve performed on BBC Radio 3, my poem The Land of Blue was featured on BBC Radio 6 Music, and this year, Poetry Ireland featured me as one of eight poets displayed on the Dublin overground.

My professional background is varied: I worked as a face painter, studied flying trapeze, philosophy and psychology, and swam in Antarctica before becoming a lawyer at an international law firm. 

If you have any questions or comments, email me at laura@lauramucha.com. For literary enquiries, please contact Imogen Pelham for adult writing, and Caroline Walsh for children’s.

Photo credit: David Yeo